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  • Member: Slade-Beta
  • Title: Stargate SG-1, Honneamise
  • Premiered: 2003-09-16
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    • David Arnold Stargate SG-1 Opening
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  • Comments: Just trying out the Windows Meovie Maker on my system.
    Used footage from the video done by Aluminum Studios, because I can't find the video near me and I'm too cheap to buy it before I see it. Thanks Aluminum,(if you have a problem with this please e-mail me). The video is as different as i could possibly create it. I hate not having multiple track editing. I miss my Final Cut Pro, had to sell the system for the money. I hope to be able to get Adobie of something better then Windows Movie Maker. If anyone know of cheap multi-track editing software please e-mail me.

    The music I choose, because I am into Stargate right now and liked the song. I saw the Aluminum Studios AMV and I thought that was a cool show, so I wanted to use that anime. Of course, when you want to find something, you can't so i used the footage i could gather. This my first AMV, I think it's ok excpet the quality could be better. Oh well, enjoy.

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