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  • Member: §KitsuneFox§
  • Title: Suteki Da Ne
  • Premiered: 2003-09-15
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    • Rikki Suteki Da Ne
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  • Comments: I love this song, it's sad yet romantic and cheerful. I have YET to see a Sango/Kohaku video so I made one for the seperated siblings. MOVIE SPOILER IN THE MIDDLE OF VIDEO. It's in the second movie when Naraku is 'killed' and Kohaku and Kagura are free, Kagura is trying to take something from Kohaku, eventually succeeding. When Miroku comes in, that's in episodes 118 of the series. Consider it a spoiler if you like, but it's the sweetest episode between the tajiya (demon exterminator) and houshi (monk).
    Spoilers, much drama, if you're sensative you could cry. Lol, my mom don't know squat about Inu Yasha and she cried when she watched this.
    I consider this video my masterpiece, best one yet.
    E-Mail me your compliments please!

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