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  • Member: turboneko
  • Studio: Turboneko Studio
  • Title: Moonlight Tears
  • Premiered: 2001-08-22
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    • Leann Rimes Can't fight the moonlight
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  • Comments: This video has a long story... maybe too long to tell it here :P

    Ok, I'm kidding. The incredible thing about this video is that it has been "under construction" for about six months. I created the first raw version in about two weeks and then I've been working on it only occasionally, fixing things here and there.

    While this video was in production I completed other two, and still this one didn't convinced me completely to make a final release. It has been surely one of my most suffered works ^^'

    This video is dedicated to Usagi, with clips taken enterily from the Sailor Stars Series. I've tried to point out some different aspects of her personality, but with the precise intent of leaving out any "funny" side. This video is much more concentrated on her feelings towards Mamoru and Seiya, and to show how it can be hard for her to be a senshi sometimes.

    I think that this video came out pretty well in the end... surely if I had been working on it for another couple of days I would have ended in erasing the whole stuff, but fortunately this wasn't the case :P (Ok, just joking).

    However, after all this effort, I hope that you will like it ^_~

    - Cristina

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