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  • Member: MasterGosh
  • Title: Hero's Dare - MasterGosh
  • Premiered: 2003-09-14
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    • Stan Bush Dare
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  • Comments: I'm not sure where to stick this one but it's basically all about Goku and his main fights, against Frieza, Cell. Brolly etc.

    It's more a slow look at hs life with extra fast paced bits thrown in for fun,
    The song was from Transformers the movie and despite it being quite lame, even by what I rate as lame, it fits...the song isn't exactly's just not Nine Inch Nails or anyone even remotely like that...

    the editing is of a decent quality and the syncing is just perfect. There is only one moment which I simply kept forgetting to fix. It should be quite obvious as the 2nd part of Goku's kick on Kid Buu is completely off. It's only a millisecond.

    The rest of the vid will make up for it!

    Goku's the Hero...simple...

    still download it and think for yourself

    - I want an opinion please from someone who doesn't hate the song. No more sh*t from people who say "ohhh Stan Bush is gayyy." I dont know whether he is or not BUT I wanna know about the vid not him! *geez*

    - Also of all the vids I have ever seen I like this one a lot actually. Some of the moments just BANG!! thump you and you cant help but think "ohh yeahh Goku's soo the Heros of DBZ really"
    It really does get Goku across well...

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