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  • Member: SSJVegita0609
  • Studio: Blood Sugar Productions
  • Title: Burning Souls Rekindled
  • Premiered: 2003-09-11
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    • Static-X Black & White
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    1: It's pretty bloody. Do not download if you're easily disturbed by excessive violence or gore.
    2: After making this video, I got so pumped up that I headbutted my dog right in the face.
    3: A few experimental effects on my part.
    4: Over 200 clips were used in the making of this video


    Well, originally I was planning merely remastering my earlier video entitled "Burning Souls", but I decided to pretty much remake the whole thing into a newer, better video. The inspiration for the original burning souls was a really really bad day I'd had at work. What inspired me to remake that angry video over one year later you ask? The removal of my wisdom teeth coupled with the sudden ending of summer vacation. I got so worked up I decided to remake the video that made me famous on Kazaa. While watching this video think about your most angry moment ever, it increased the enjoyment factor ;). Once again, don't look for any deep meaning or plot, there isn't one. There is however, lots and lots of gore and violence coupled with one of my personal favorite pump up songs ever created. I hope you enjoy.

    (Note: The "headbutted my dog" line was taken from Real Ultimate Power, and I give them full credit for the joke)

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