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  • Title: Eden's Angels
  • Premiered: 2003-09-10
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    • Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle Teaser Trailer Audio
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  • Comments: Won Fan-favorite Action.

    Introducing the only action Earthian AMV. w00t.

    TECHNICAL ASPECTS: Lots. >> Tons of fps fooling(sped up and slowed down footage), of course the lip synch, some cropping, one horizontal flip. A few white flashes, lots of fades and transparencies, and the Barn door transition leading to a home-made image...5 hours and 50 minutes of work... Yes, I am kinda wondering how I finished this that fast, myself...

    STORY ASPECTS: Well, I didn't copy the trailer. What I basically did was lay the sound down, and then interpret the sounds myself. That means that my trailer HAS NOTHING TO DO with the Charlie's Angels one... Anyhow, the first part about the "weapon", we show Messiah, giving you the feeling he's some ultimate weapon. Then, Surprise! He's one of the angels... The mad doctor(can't remember his name right now...) is Cedric, the entertainer. I really like how I got the funny poses while he was talking. Really fits Cedric, I think. The other angels fall into place... I like my Yaoi-joke, but it's kinda stupid.. =|
    Anyway, Hilarity ensues... I hope... Enjoy!

    LOCAL LINK INFO: 2000 kb/s DivX 5.0.5 encode.

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