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  • Member: dji
  • Studio: Red Apple Productions
  • Title: Personal Jesus
  • Premiered: 2003-09-06
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    • Depeche Mode Personal Jesus
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  • Comments: Okay the lowdown on this video.. um.. I orginally intended this AMV idea to be completed for last years AWA Pro contest (2002), but didn't have the footage so I never started the project. Besides, the orignal vision and the way the video came out are two different things. Not to trying to make or adjust a make a refference to a Chris Foose quote.. but "I make the video, not the vision". If I could easly make the vision, the challenge of the video would be no fun. Sometimes making the video that is not the vision can turn out better.. at least for me.

    Anyhow.. so lowdown on this video is.. I wanted to make it for AWA 2002 Pro contest last year, but didn't have the source to start the idea (and was unwilling to shell out the money for the R2's). I started this video.. and then ran into this annoying problem with Premiere and my new capture card. Then I had a whole lot of other things to work on, prior to Otakon, so I re-started this project again, then ran into the technical problems.. and did my best to suffer and edit around all of that and then eventally gave up into about a minute-plus on the song.

    By that time a handfull of people had seen the in-editing-progress video and liked the in-progress outcome. But life incidentals, and all that other rambling (mentioned in the haruko swirl amv-profile) got in the way of me completing this video in time for Otakon. Plus the technical problems were enough to discourage me from completing the project. So I scrapped this project and started the "Haruko Swirl" AMV. After that project was complete, I didn't know what to do with myself.. so I bought a GBA SP for distraction.. but utilmately I didn't have a video project or anything to consume my after-work evening life. So after letting numerous people know that I had scrapped this AMV project (Person Jesus).. I seem to generally receive the same the response... which was people yelling at me for giving up on the video; cause they liked the little they saw.

    So, not having any current obstacles, and realizing I had a bit of time before the AWA 2003 Expo contest deadline. I forced myself to edit the remaining bits of this video. Keep in mind this song is orignally 4:53, and I cut it down to 3:32 mainly because it would take too much effort to edit in something that made sense in all the pieces I cut out. Plus this video is better shorter as opposed to being longer, IMO. Hardcore Depeche Mode fans are probably going to lynch me now for typing that.. but what will bake your noodle later, is would you have known I cut the song down if I didn't tell you here? and no the cut is not in some obvious place. I didn't just make one big-cut, I made several. Orignally, I cut the song from 4:53 to 4:00 and then down to the wire I cut it down to the final 3:32 it is now.

    Anyhow, this video doesn't focus as nearly as much around the typical things I would normally spend efforts to edit against. Most of the synchronizations are forced against the lyrics and spends little to no real effort accounting for every noise (like I would normally do in addition to the lyrics and implied flow). Oh and the technical editing problems I was fighting against, I had softened them enough that when Premiere rendered out the final file, that 99% of them went away.

    As frustrating as the technical problems with Premiere and my new capture card were.. I ultimately had fun making this video. I manufactured new scenes (as usual) and there's also whole bunch of subtle things.. so if you love FLCL and think you know it by heart... keep re-watching the AMV over and over again.. and see if you can find them all. Again, I didn't put them there for all of you, I put them there for me.. and to keep coherence and consistency in this concept together.

    Okay, enough rambling.. download this video already! =) Oh yeah.. it's only available in crappy MPEG-1 download, later on I might make a DivX or Xvid file. Okay download already! =)

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