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  • Member: My_Nemesis
  • Studio: Accession Studios
  • Title: AniMix Track 61-63
  • Premiered: 2003-09-08
  • Category:
  • Songs:
    • Culture beat Mr Vain
    • DJ Quicksilver Bingo Bongo
    • DJ Quicksilver Boing
    • Dr Dj Cerla Mi Bocca
    • Face the bass Dance 2 the House
    • Intermission Take this piece of my heart
    • Masterboy Everybody needs somebody
    • the Ultimate seduction the Ultimate seduction
  • Anime:
  • Comments: At the beginning of part 2 I picked up track 63 and made it within about a day. The idea just clicked for me. So the next day, or the day after, I picked track 62. Simply because of the time frame there I was given both tracks as one wav. Near the end of part 2 I took tack 61 and it was uploaded seperatly from the other two. So the fade from 61-62 is probably not the same as the fade in the actual project.

    Individual video notes:

    When I first heard the song I liked, but couldn't think of any anime that would really fit. Evnetually Nadesico crept into my mind, but even when I was thinking of Nadesico, I was having trouble thinking of how it would work. Eventaully it boiled down to what I have here.

    It didn't take me as long to think of this idea as it did track 61, but it did take longer than 63. Most of my time went into lip synching it and thinking of what I should do for effects. I would like to do some really complicated effects, but I stuck with something I messed with and looked good.

    This AMV took me about a day to make because the idea just clicked in my head. Working with Castle in the Sky was my first time working with anamorphic footage. So I didn't resize it like I should have. Willow resized it for me in the actual project, but its not resized to widescreen here.

    These are part of the AniMix Project - part 2 which can be found here:

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