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  • Member: professor_stampede
  • Title: Nerve Rack
  • Premiered: 2001-10-10
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  • Song:
    • Trigun OST Nerve Rack
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    When thinking ideas for a video to make, I couldn't think of any good image songs so I decided what better song to put a video to than an original Trigun BGM? Besides, I liked the tune of Nerve Rack and I already had the MP3 ^_^ .

    Anyways, the video in a nutshell, it starts off outlining pretty well the whole plot of the first episode, you know, with the boomerang guy, and that goes on for about the first 2/3 of the video until Vash gets rid of him. I tried my best to keep this part in chronological order while still fitting it to the music, and I think I did pretty well. After that, in the final 1/3 of the video, its just a bunch of random Vash clips (I'm SO original.)

    In the end, this video certainly isn't great, but I guess its okay, being a first after all, and definitely good referring to its budget. No money was made in the making, and no money was spent, either. I used a bunch of freeware programs including SnagIt, VirtualDub, and Zwei Stein (all recommended for the everyday cheap freak like me). Also, because I don't have a capture card, I used other people's clips and music videos to make the video, notably ones from, Akimbo's 'Somebody Hates Me' MV, Grungetta's 'Macho Vash' MV, Ender954's 'Trigun Happy' MV, and nightstar's 'For Love and Peace' MV.

    This is no longer available for download. It sucked anyways, and your time is better spent watching a good Trigun video, like Kwasek's 'Deluxe' or Croik's 'Lucifer'. Go download those instead.

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