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  • Member: ReannaKing
  • Studio: Rtrbrtr Productions
  • Title: Let Me Fly
  • Premiered: 2003-09-07
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  • Song:
    • Yanni Santorini
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  • Comments: I've spent longer on a video before, but I don't think I've ever been so picky about one.

    This video is really special to me-- I recently finished watching Angelic Layer, and I just loved the story. Saying that can't express how much I love this anime. Also, for ShoujoCon 2003 me and five of me friends dressed up as Athena (me), Ranga, Blanche, Mao, Wizard and Suzuka and won the group cosplay contest.

    I chose "Santorini" by Yanni (don't laugh). The only other Angelic Layer video I'd seen is more upbeat, and "Santorini" is more of a giant orchestra, uplifting song. Speaking of the music, the original song is about 7:20, as is my video. However, I did a lot of tweaking with the song itself to make it work better.

    I had a huge problem late in the production of the video: Premiere crashed and my project file was corrupted. Fortunately, I figured out how to load a backup project file, and it was only missing a few clips.

    The video itself focuses on Misaki/ Hikaru's journey toward the top of Angelic Layer. The video has several "sections:"
    1) Introduction
    2) Misaki's many battles throughout the first part of the series
    3) Shuu's battle with Shirahime and reflection on Misaki
    4) Misaki and Shuu reunited
    5) Misaki and Shuu's battle
    You can see how it got to be over seven minutes long. The filesize is huge (see below), but just bear with me. I did a lot of sound dynamics changes and couldn't afford to sacrifice audio quality.

    Digital effects used:
    The most prominent effect I used was "film noise" during Shuu's flashbacks, but there are several other minor ones as well (nothing too extreme or overdone).


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