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  • Member: serebi
  • Studio: Serebi Nation: Serebic Studios
  • Title: Nocturnal Death
  • Premiered: 2003-09-06
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  • Song:
    • t.A.T.u. Bylo I Proshlo (its unreleased)
  • Anime:
  • Comments: This music video is awesome! Or so I think. If many of you did not notice, I did not like my last music video UNCHAINED ORDER yet others (like you) do like it. Woe is me. Check it, I have released this music video, the footage is Soul Taker and the song, Bylo o Poshlo, is by t.A.t.U. It is one of their unreleased songs, so how I come to have it is beyond me. Or maybe I just won't tell, who knows... you sure don't LOL. The music video is not supposed to make any sense, so just sit back and enjoy the lightshow... or maybe just the song. THERE IS ALOT OF SYMBOLISM IN THIS MUSIC VIDEO. Like anybody know how in Evangelion or X how there are crosses and pentacles everyhwere? Well there are ALOT of crosses and crows and red tears from the eyes in this one. Hope it is not too disturbing. So... see if you can COUNT THE CROSSES ^_^. I'm mad that I couldn't apply any effects because the programs kept crashing. SO in the future there will be a reprise or a remake/ version 2 of this music video. If there are alot of effects added I'll just release a new music vidoe, otherwise I will just change this one's link ;-).

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