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  • Members (18): AniMix, AbsoluteDestiny, Aneino_Kaijin, AquaSky, BigDude, ChemicalPink, Eji, Geirr, Ingow, JCD, Jebadia, My_Nemesis, Phoeptar, Sephiroth, Tom the Fish, WilLoW :--), marvin, shiryu.23
  • Studio: AniMix
  • Title: AniMix Project - Part 2
  • Premiered: 2003-09-12
  • Categories:
  • Songs:
    • 2 brothers on the 4th floor Never Alone
    • 2 Unlimited Twilight Zone
    • 74 boyz Shimmy Shake
    • Age of love Age of Love
    • Baby bitch Rock it
    • Bass Bumper The music's got me
    • Bellini Samba De janiero
    • camouflage Love is a shield
    • Celvin Rotane I believe
    • Co.Ro. Feat. Terlisa Because the Night
    • Corona the rythm of the night
    • Corona Try me up
    • Culture beat Mr Vain
    • CYB Now
    • Dirty Mind Marmamelo
    • DJ Deep Deep Dance 50 - Ten years of hits1
    • DJ Quicksilver Bingo Bongo
    • DJ Quicksilver Boing
    • Doop Doop
    • Dr Dj Cerla Mi Bocca
    • Dr. Alban It's my life
    • East 17 Its Alright
    • Face the bass Dance 2 the House
    • Gala Free from Desire
    • Garcia Vamonos
    • Groove Solution Magic melody
    • Interactive Dildo
    • Intermission Take this piece of my heart
    • J.J Brothers Move it up
    • Klubheads Klubbhopping
    • L.A. Style James brown is dead
    • Loft Hold on
    • Masterboy Everybody needs somebody
    • No Sukkaz 1 2 3 4 All the ladies on the floor
    • Outhere Brothers Boom Boom Boom
    • Outhere Brothers La la la Hey Hey
    • PizzaMan Sex on the streets
    • Prince Ital. Joe Feat. Marky Mark Happy people
    • Pro Gress The house of Pain
    • Quadrophonia Quadrophonia
    • R.T.Z. Dance your ass off
    • Rozalla Are you ready to Fly
    • Rozalla Everybody's free (to feel good)
    • Salt'N'Pepa Push it
    • Sash Ecuador
    • Tag Team Whoomp there it is
    • The Object Terminator Theme
    • the Ultimate seduction the Ultimate seduction
    • Tom Wilson Techno Cat
    • Twenty 4 seven Slave to the music
    • Urban cookie Collective The key, the secret
    • Usura Open your mind
    • Whigfield Saturday Night
    • Whigfield Sexy eyes
    • Wildchild Renagade Master
    • Womack and Womack Teardrops
  • Anime:
  • Comments: NEWS :
    The Full Video (Animix 1-5) is being distributed on bittorrent :
    Animix Full Video

    the tracker is on the following site :
    Anime Orion


    This is the second part of the AniMix project.

    Once again, more than 10 minutes of fun videos made by various creators, merged in a single great AMV.

    participants :
    Tina Wall
    Isaac Fischer (Sephiroth)
    James Llewellyn (Jebadia)
    Tom Guttadauro (Tom the Fish)
    Ryan Muise
    Eji Yared
    Shiryu23 (amvdefans)
    Carl Drougge
    Ian Roberts (AbsoluteDestiny)
    Carrie Cox
    Joslyn FitzGerald
    Stephan Teusch (JCD)
    Jess Loder
    Ingo Kranz
    Joe Bouley (My_Nemesis)

    Videos compiled by Erwan Queffelec (WilLoW :--))

    This video is as fun as the first one, there are some great clips and good action synch.
    Keep in mind that this is some random fun, don't expect Animix to tell a story :)

    Thanks to all people who will write a review (unfortunately I/we won't have the time to answer to these reviews)

    Violence warning : The second part contains a scene (1 second long) from Ghost in the Shell that might be shocking for young people.

    The LOCAL VIDEO IS A LOW QUALITY VERSION, and contains only part 2 of the project.

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