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  • Member: )v(ajin Koji
  • Title: Souls and Shells
  • Premiered: 2003-09-04
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    • Feeder Forget About Tomorrow
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  • Comments: ("die Seelen von dieser gewählten Kinder"
    "The souls of these selected children")

    This is the first of a coming trilogy of Feeder AMVs, part two of which is named Synthetic.

    This was an AMV that was riddled with problems from the start, but I've never worked so hard on a video since, nor had so much emotion visible in the vid.

    It started when I was making another Eva AMV to Mercury Rev's "Nite and Day" which, although it had a good lyric match to Eva, proved to be a crap music video.

    I put this video off for about a week or so to do other things and then when I started I was really hooked on it, I don't usually get obsessed with finishing AMVs so...much.

    I was hesitant to add "Action" to this description but this has elements of action (Unit-01 destroying Unit-03) but this is very much a drama video first.

    I think that this video shows the positive sides of each Eva pilot (especially Shinji) in contrast to their worst moments very well and causes a greater effect.

    The video is best viewed in the old Windows Movie Player because that way it is shown in widescreen, but if you want to see it full screen (streched) just play it in the New Windows Movie Player.

    There are flashes of violence/gore in this AMV but nothing too extreme.

    This will be remade in the future using ripped footage.

    That's All Guys!

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