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  • Member: Empress Venua
  • Title: The Rumor Weed Song
  • Premiered: 2003-08-29
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    • The W's The Rumor Weed Song
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  • Comments: This AMV won 2nd Place (1st runner up) in the comedy category at AnimeFEST! 2003.

    This video is rather simple, actually. I premiered it at the Friday opening ceremonies at AnimeFEST! 2003, and it was also shown again during the Sunday awards ceremony.

    I wanted to make a comedy video, and Slayers was the obvious choice, so I played upon the fact that Xelloss always seems to get the gang in trouble by telling them about a rumor of some sort that leads them off, and the idea worked.

    'Rumor Weed' uses no speical effects, and relies heavily on lip syncing. I only put eight hours or so into the finished product, and I used mainly Videdit. This is also the first video that I've made that's been shown to anyone outside my family and friends.

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