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  • Member: AbsoluteDestiny
  • Studio: Zettai Unmei Anime
  • Title: Storytelling - A Gothic Fairytale
  • Premiered: 2003-09-02
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    • Danny Elfman Edward Scissorhands (Various Tracks)
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  • Comments: This video is really just my way of showing everyone this very pretty but very rare anime. It is a 10 minute short movie that was contained on volume 3 of "Grasshoppa!" which is a serial dvd of Japanese short movies and animation.

    The Anime:

    The short was Directed by Kazuto Nakazawa of El Hazard character designing fame and is one of 4 short features from Studio 4C in the Grasshoppa series. It's definitely the best of the Sweat Punch sources.

    The video itself relies heavily on the original story but I change key elements to make it more of a Gothic Romance. The original contains much more dark humour than the story you will see here, but all changes were made to fit the prettiness of the muisc.

    You can get the DVD I obtained the footage from here

    The Music:

    Danny Elfman's most beautiful work can be found on the Edward Scissorhands soundtrack. This video edits together many different tracks from that soundtrack - Introduction, Storytime, The Tide Turns, The Final Confrontation, The Grand Finale and The End. I've labelled them as various for ease of reference as sometimes only a few seconds from a certain track was used.


    This video was edited in an afternoon on Sept 1st and finalised the next morning. It is part of a series of Challenge Videos being made for Anime Weekend Atlanta 9 (the challenge being who can make the most videos for AWA out of me and Kusoyaro - Hsien Lee... I won).

    It was edited using:

    Adobe Premiere 6
    Adobe Photoshop 7

    and aided by:

    dvd2avi 1.76cli
    avisytnh 2.52
    decomb 5
    DVD Decrypter
    Exact Audio Copy 0.95 prebeta 3

    The distribution file was encoded using Xvid dev-api-4, but encoded with Divx5 compatibility. The encode is at constand quantiser 2 so it is very high quality. The audio is 224kbps Lame MP3.

    This video won Best of Show at the Jaco Halloween Party Anime Music Video Contest - 25 Oct 2003

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