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  • Member: Voices_Of_Ryan
  • Studio: Mindless Studios
  • Title: "Waking From Euphoria"
  • Premiered: 2003-09-01
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    • Rammstein Engel
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  • Comments: Euphoria,
    As Discribed by Websters Dictionary,

    Eu-pho-ri-a (Noun). (You-for-e-a),

    A feeling of happiness and well being.

    < The Begining >
    So about a month ago I was just starting work on "Triple spike" and wanted to do something to even that out, A drama video perhaps, you know I never really make up my mind about these things till I start,

    Then I got out my dvd's that evening and started going threw and found Blue Submarine No.6, I've loved this anime since I saw it on cartoon network back in 00', and had'nt done anything with it.

    So my mind starts ticking, what to do, what to do.

    And it clicks! make a Tetsu Hayami tribute video :D.

    < The character >
    Tetsu Hayami, the badass sort of Anti-Hero of BlueSub6,

    Suppositly him and a close friend where the only two to see zordike back in the day, but he ran away, leaving his friend to face zordikes wrath and be transformed into some sort of fish thingie (coughs).

    I've always seen tetsu as sort of a lost soul, never being able to find happiness in a destoryed world, and when Mayumi comes into the picture (the young girl love interest at the end of the video) it only gets more complicated.

    < The Song >
    I originaly heared this song on "Engel" Kevin caldwells fantastic Evagelion video, and decided to look up the band, seems they had released a few cd's and my sister actually had some, BADABING!

    I (after searching for hours) found the song and ripped it for use later on.

    < The Idea >
    When I thought of the original Tetsu tribute video I never thought of using this song, I had thought of a diffrent song, but that fell threw due to lack of interest in the song and the basic Idea,

    So I went song searching, and this song had been ripped to my hard drive for a good year so I'm like.. Well I know the lyric's are SOMETHING about god, maybe it'll fit, and WALA!

    It fit, the beats, the tone, everything even the darkness of the song fit, so I don't know what the lyric's mean exactly, but this gave me a chance to sort of dissmiss the lyrics as just nothingness.

    < The Exacution >
    So that night I started ripping the 3 blue sub dvd's I had (the third is basicly him on a raft for half an hour, not missing much :P) and working on a starting to the video,

    Coming threw several Idea's I finally thought of him being lost in a world that has been destoryed, and although he can't save it from being destoryed, he'll do something, what? he doesnt know, But something has to be done after his town is attacked.

    So the dvd's had been ripped, encoded into avi, and downsized, the next step?

    < Adobe/Editing/Girlfriend/Food/Baseball/School/Everythingelse >
    I love this program, so my next 3 weeks went something like this,

    Morning 4am,
    School work.

    Morning 8am,
    Edit a bit,

    Morning 10am,
    Go to work,

    After noon pm,
    Come back, Play some baseball

    Night 6pm,
    Talk to girlfriend, Edit WHILE talking to girlfriend (not a good Idea :/)

    Night 11pm,
    Yawn a bit, and go to sleep after saying goodnight to my girlfriend (and saving of course ^_~).

    And inbetween I'd eat and stuff, but mostly, school, baseball, edit, girlfriend, fuck work :P,

    < Finishing touchs >
    I came accross some minor encoding issue's nothing too major,

    I added an explanation of the word Euphoria to the intro at the last minute (damn you kate, you made me almost mess up :D).

    < Overall >
    This IS my best video, flat out, no argument about it, it's the best, and will remain the best into I get off my lazy ass and make another (or was it stay ON my lazy ass ^_^ I dunno, I like baseball too much, and my girlfriend :D).

    Moments that I loved,

    00:20 - This just brought everything up to speed, and I think with the letters on the hat, and the gun, it just shows whats happing well.

    01:05 - Where he clicks his gun with the beat, just worked for me, thats why I put it there.

    and finally,

    The ending just worked out beautifuly, I didnt wanna give away the ending of the anime, so you never know what happened, he just sits there and turns and looks into the fog... what happens?

    You'll have to watch the anime ^_~

    Moments that I was unhappy, or undecided about,

    The intro with the fades, I like rough cutting, I don't know what it is, but I like to rough cut, but alot of people told me "Jacob, make it a smooth transition", so thats what I did, *Shrugs*

    < Final Speech >
    Well I had alot of fun doing this for a month, and I really enjoyed it all, and I hope you do to,

    Untill next time,

    < Special thanks >
    Marytza - (my girlfriend) (For being there, always :D)
    Kate - (For... well for messing me up repeatedly, but not meaning too :D)
    Auron - (Cause he's nice)
    Rachel - (For encouraging me to actually release it ^_^)
    And 86.5% of the people out there, you rock ^_^

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