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  • Member: SS5_Majin_Bebi
  • Title: Perchance To Dream
  • Premiered: 2003-08-14
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    • Staind Outside
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  • Comments: This is my second music video that I feel worthy of putting up for download; I used footage from the series X by Clamp, and the song "Outside" by Staind. The source footage, quite simply, looked like ass when I first got it (being fansubs) and I'm not even going to mention the abhorrent quality of babynekos encodes. Oh, whoops, I just did. Seriously, he should be ashamed. Three episodes that are almost unwatchable because he/she/it decided to cut corners. Anyway, getting WOT there.

    So I cleaned up the footage using a combination of AVISynth, VirtualDub and the filters MSharpen and Smart Smooth (both built for anime). Unfortunately I fudged the framerate setting a little bit, but its not too noticable. I added AssumeFPS(24) to the AVS scripts, as it was 23.976 which is not good for editing in Premiere. It was only after the clip production and upon completion of the video that I realised I'd screwed up a little bit :-S. Every now and then it gets a bit jerky because of the improper FPS conversion, but its not noticable when theres alot happening onscreen.

    +++SPOILERS AHEAD!!!+++
    I was quite quite pleased with the final product. The video, which contains MAJOR black ribbon spoilers (I don't care if you havn't seen the series yet, however. If you don't want it spoiled, don't d/l the vid. If you're like me, and don't mind seeing a spoiler vid, d/l to your hearts content.)
    The video is set out as if Kamui (the main character) is having a dream, about his future role as the Dragon of Heaven, the trials that he must go through, having to face down his former lifelong best friend Fuma (who becomes the Dragon of Earth by default) and his eventual "defeat" and death at Fumas hands. It begins and ends with scenes of Kamui in a tree, in the beginning, he is sleeping peacefully, and at the vids conclusion, he wakes and thinks about what he has just dreamt.

    The video is about 5 minutes long, 29MB download, and it's compressed using XviD (DivX FourCC) at Constant Quantiser 2.

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