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  • Title: Jealousy
  • Premiered: 2003-08-29
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    • Dido Don't Think of Me
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  • Comments: 14 hours and 43 minutes to make this video.

    This video only uses hard cuts and fades to synch. It has absolutely no special effects of any kind (aside from slight speed variations in a few clips).


    Her/She = Kegtsuya(Blonde hair)
    Me = Messiah(Dark green/cobalt hair)
    You = Chihaya(Black/purple hair)

    So don't watch this if you don't like either.

    Anyway, the above stated is all you need to know, really. The rest of this description is just why I did some scenes, and it contains a few spoilers for Earthian, so don't read this upcoming stuff unless you want some clarification on the video...

    The whole theme of the video is "Jealousy". In this alternate universe, Messiah was with Chihaya first... And THEN met Kegetsuya.
    At the beginning of the AMV, Chihaya basically doesn't have any regrets for breaking it off with Messiah, but as the video and story progresses, Messiah gets even more Jealous, and Chihaya begins to re-think everything.
    In fact, at one point, there's a flashback of Chihaya and Messiah together(Chihaya trying to save Messiah from "being alone").
    I tried to make it look as if Messiah was SO jealous, that he killed Kegetsuya. I'm not sure if that message went through or not, because frankly, it doesn't really matter.
    The matter of the fact is, Messiah loses his sanity and kills himself in the end with the satellite. If you've never seen Earthian, before, you'd think that blue light Messiah was being sucked into was a beam to heaven or something, but in reality, it's an attack satellite that Messiah destroys himself with...

    A few "special" points I want to explain.
    "Does it bother you now all the mess I made/ angry games we played/When I'm not there" - Tried to get the point across that Messiah was so jealous that he killed Kagetsuya
    "Does it bother you now the clothes you told me not to wear" - Chihaya doesn't "allow" Messiah to turn his wings white.

    I apologize for all the reuse of scenes. I literally used EVERY scene of Kegetsuya and Chihaya together in this video. In fact, I used more then half of them two to three times. I swear, if Earthian was just ONE episode longer, I wouldn't have gone through that problem...

    As an aside, if you've never seen Earthian and it looks like it might be a good anime because of my AMV... It isn't. It's pretty much the most boring anime on the planet.

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