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  • Member: HurQlez03
  • Studio: HurQlez Productions
  • Title: Amor est Pulcheram
  • Premiered: 2003-11-26
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    • 3 Doors Down Here Without You
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  • Comments: --Katsucon 10--
    Best Drama

    Ladies and Gentleman the Hurq himself is proud to present to you, the most touching emotional he has ever made (being how this is only his second), the gracious, "Amor est Pulcheram".

    After "Get Up and Die" I decided to go back to basic and do a video that got me noticed in the first place. An emotional video.

    The title is Latin, meaning "Love is Beautiful". And the word "amor" is more of a friend love than a passion love. If all of you Latin experts think that this is mispelled, dont bother correcting me. It still sounds better this way.

    Finding a song for an emotional Vandread video was not as easy as it sounds. At first I thought of a Dashboard Confessional song but it didnt feel connected to the anime. After days of searching I finally found a song that was as powerful as Goo Goo Dolls - Iris: 3 Doors Down - Here Without You.

    Very few people know about Vandread. It is set in future where men and women were mortal enemies living on differents planets. It is about this boy, Hibiki who hid in a spacecraft that was robbed by female pirates, inlcuding a new girl, Dita. In this great space adventure with twists and turns, a bond grew between theese two lovebirds.

    It is best to explain an emotional video than to just let the people watch without a concept. When watching this vid pay attention to the lyrics as well. To best enjoy this vid, let the song embrace then use that feel to watch the vid. In the beginning lyrics (the first lyrics and chorus) the concept is around Dita. She is all alone, and missing seeing Hibiki, which is why it shows one clip where she finally sees Hibiki and is overjoyed. Dita is rarely around Hibiki so the only way she can have fun with Hibiki is by thinking it and dreaming. In the piece between the chorus and the second verse you see Dita having fun with Hibiki.
    At this point the video will revolve around Hibiki from now on. Once the second verse begins we see Hibiki waking up as if he had the same dream as Dita. Hibiki is bored by all the other girls and is touched when Dita gives him a doll. Hibiki's emotions are felt when he is angered by the life he has. And every once and a while he is reminded by Dita's plush toy that he is not alone in the world. In the second chorus we see Hibiki have the same feelings as Dita. He may not be with her but he is always thinking about her. Before the bridge we see Dita and Hibiki finally all alone in one room . Right before they show their affections, the alarm goes off. Aliens are in the area. Time to fly. In the bridge We see practically all fighting scenes to match up with the hard strong singing in the bridge and it leads up to the instrumental part of the bridge which has an awe-inspiring scene. In the last words of the first chrous the sentimental scene takes place when Hibiki asks Dita to come with him back home. Once Dita holds Hibiki's hand, we fade to white to find out that it was all Dita's imagination. She cries because something that good can never happen.

    Now I have been known for my editing skills but this is an emotional video and I have to point some things out. Lip syncing is not possible with this vid. As a matter of fact, so is finding good scenes without people speaking. I could have tried but it would have meant taking away big scenes that were essential despite moving lips. (I actually did one lip sync in the bridge area. find out what it was)

    Qualilty was a challenge here. Vandread is a very crisp anime and I tried so long to bring its true image. The one time I have actually did it however costed me 100 MB, and that is too much for me send to the main server. So I know that my quality is going to be criticized for not being perfect. It sure is gonna take a beating on that. Sorry.

    **As of Dec-4-2003 I have recompressed my vid to give one hundred percent quality for all you viewers and re-sent my vid to the server. Enjoy the premium.**

    If you wonder why was there a certain clip change to the beat in the instrumental part of the bridge, it is because I ran out of clip for the space provided so I extended it with the beat. But it fares very well I can tell you.

    Also because this is an emotional video, the focus is not on the beat but on the lyrics themselves. So if a scene might look out of place, just listen to the lyrics and it will make sense.

    This video actually touched me when I was making it, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

    -HurQlez03(Daniel Hopkins)

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