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  • Member: Chaos Angel
  • Studio: Eclipsing Saturn Studios
  • Title: Graveside Reverie
  • Premiered: 2003-08-28
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  • Song:
    • Beatles Let it Be
  • Anime:
  • Comments: I got the idea for the video the same way I get most of my video ideas. I was listening to the song, and it just popped in my head.

    Yeah, I know.

    Anyway, the video is a quasi-narrative. It doesn't really tell a story, but it does have a loose cohesion to the scene selection.

    Do not go further if you wish to avoid spoilers. In fact, don't even download the ferkin' video if you want to avoid spoilers, because it has spoilers from scene one.

    Oh, and big thanks to my friend Joe for letting me use his CD for the audio. The man has almost every Beatles album recorded, and not just on CD, either.


    It begins with Setsuko's death, and moves to Seita cremating her body. The video is literally a look at what may have been running through Seita's mind as he gave up his little sister's body to the flames. Although it may be a hackneyed and predictable cliche, I used black and white to signify the memories (which is most of the video) and color for real life.

    Originally, I wanted to try to recreate a Super-8 film effect for the video, more for the look of it than anything else. However, I decided not to go that route once I got into it, because I felt that it had no purpose and felt too gimmicky. I want the focus to be on the video itself, what is happening in the different scenes, not the thrown-in-for-no-real-point effect. You want thrown-in-for-no-apparent-reason effects, go download Helluva Bad Day. Also, I couldn't get the motion settngs to work with me, which is actually the more accurate reason for excluding the effect. Damn you...

    I think what I like most about the video is the looseness of the editing. Many of the scene cuts are native to the movie, and not done by me. I kept them because they worked, because I felt the loose editing worked with the video. It helps draw attention away from the editting itself, and draws the focus more to what is going on. There are points, however, where the editting is noticeably tighter. These have no real significance, really: they're just scenes where I wanted it to flow with the music better. With a few exceptions, fades are by me, and cuts are native to the movie. No structure to them, some points just screamed fade, so I faded. Meh.

    Literally set-up as a collection of loosely organized thoughts and memories of the times Seita shared with his sister, I decided to focus on the happy memories a bit more than the sad ones, because I feel he would have wanted to remember the good times he had with his sister, not the bad. There's no structure to the memories sequence; they are random and unfocused. After all, when have memories ever responded to logic?

    And yes, I use the damn firefly scene. It's the most famous scene, and everyone uses it, I know. Cry me a river. -_-

    In some ways, I feel it's pretty much like every other GotF video, but I hope you find it enjoyable despite the lack of concept originality.

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