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  • Member: monthenor
  • Title: Roger Smith - Uncaring
  • Premiered: 2003-08-26
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    • Carly Simon You're So Vain
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  • Comments: Every time I think I'm out, they keep pulling me back in...

    I never intended to do another video after R Dorothy - Unfeeling. I hadn't touched Premiere in months and fills up my free time quite nicely. But last Thursday a powerful mental compulsion gripped me by my metaphysical gonads and ordered me to put a new Big O video out RIGHT NOW. The result of four full days of video editing is what sits before you now.

    For such a rushed schedule, from first glimmer to final cut, it actually works surprisingly well. The most informed criticism of Unfeeling mentioned that the video felt like a series of disjointed images set to lyrics rather than a story. The pace of this video is much more sedate and the scenes are more coherent than the other. Even in the comparatively paltry 3'25", it has much more to say.

    The story of the video is told quite well through the lyrics: I see it as R Dorothy finally getting fed up with Roger's attitude. After baring the beginnings of her soul in Unfeeling, Roger still doesn't treat her as much better than a robot. Now she has something to say about it, and Roger starts to see her everywhere...

    THis is my most technically advanced video to date. Experiments in Photoshop overlays and split screens were complete successes. The MPEG4 codec means awesome quality and compatibility for the size. I hope you enjoy.

    Oh, one more thing. There's other Carly Simon on this site, but nobody's used her most famous song before me?? What, the lyrics are too obvious or something?

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