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  • Member: hawrbarmsn
  • Studio: Pink Blob Production
  • Title: Beast
  • Premiered: 2003-08-24
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    • Rammstein Tier
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  • Comments: Ahh, it finally came this far, it seems. Yay! This is a small project that I've been working on during the summer. A first-time attempt at making an anime music video:

    I'm not sure exactly when or why I decided to make an AMV. All I remember is that I at one point - by a strange impulse or something even more obscure - thought that the start of this particular Rammstein song fitted a very specific scene in Naruto quite well ... I had this thought running in my head for a while before I actually sat down with some software and took the first staggering steps against something, that vaguely resembled an AMV. By then, I had thought up a theme that I liked and a general idea of how I wanted the end product to be.

    The theme of the video is something that I'd like to do a bit of explanations on beforehand. The theme, as the title implies, is about the differences between being a human or an animal, and that humans, in spite of what we may claim, still aren't all that different from the other.
    As any germanspeaking people or Rammstein fans might know, or will come to know once they do a bit of research, Rammstein's Tier deals with a vastly different issue than what I have written above. I am aware of this fact, and I would like people to bear with me.
    What I decided to focus on in this song, was the refrain. which I'm sure most people will find to fit the theme of the video very nicely.

    "Thank you!" goes out to the people who gave me feedback during the production. Egrimm, chuwy, BNM, Thalmus, Infophreak and everyone else: Thanks a lot guys, you've all been a great help!

    Since I see no reason to keep on babbling, I'll end my comments here. Get on with that download everyone, I hope you're going to like it. ^_^

    - Kirby

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