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  • Member: Soul Bro Ryu
  • Studio: Nightrunner Productions
  • Title: Across The Board
  • Premiered: 2003-08-22
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  • Songs:
    • Cyril Neville Gossip
    • Ray Bryant Above the Rock
    • The Free Association Start of Something
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  • Comments: Nightrunner Productions: Video #012
    Jazz Remix
    Classic Gaming/Fantasy/Modern Adventure
    Program Used: Adobe Premiere 6.0
    Video Format: AVI (XviD Encoded)
    OP Credits Music: "The Opposition" - Self Scientific feat. Don Crisis

    Convention Entry: MegaCon 2004; Orlando, FL; March 5-7, 2004
    Websites: -

    I'm not expecting this vid to get too much rotation, but I'm just happy to have made it. When I was reading through the "Hikaru no Go" manga a few months ago, I'd listen to music and queue up this song ("Above the Rock") when the matches in the series would get intense. I guess that's what was the inspiration to blend the anime to this song when I thought of an AMV to this series, and out of the two really good ideas I had for this show, I knew I had to do this one first.

    The first song - "Start of Something" - is only a 20 second ramp-up until "Above the Rock" (otherwise just using "Above" by itself would sound as if I cut in the middle of the song) starts. "Above" is the the focus song of the three, and when it's over it rides out to "Gossip", which is how David Holmes mixed those tracks on his reprise album, "Come Get It I Got It". I fade "Gossip" after about 15 seconds, and during that time the video is left on a cliffhanger to set up for a sequel video I plan on doing in the near future. For those who have seen the series already, they'll know where I'm going with this, but even those who haven't seen HikaGo, I think you'll be able to catch on. BTW, the sequel video will be to Led Zeppelin's "Baby, I'm Gonna Leave You" - you might know where I'm going with this...

    I don't think I'd be so motivated to make this vid if it wasn't for my interest in the actual game, and I hope my affinity for it and this show come across as you watch it. I threw in some info in the credits on where you can find out how to play, whether it be online or locally, so if you're curious, just pause it when you see the the White Go Stones spill on the floor. ^_^

    Not that the type of action you'll see during the credit sequence happens at most go games, but you never know...

    Anyway, I won't say much else about the video, and let you cats dig it. Any comments are appreciated by the way, so don't be a stranger.

    Thanks and enjoy!
    SBR - 0403.08

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