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  • Member: DeepBLiu
  • Studio: Deep BLiu Productions
  • Title: The Hard Luck Woman
  • Premiered: 2001-08-26
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    • Train Drops of Jupiter
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  • Comments: This is my first video...

    This video is aimed at the common person who's never seen Bebop before. I was going for a complete package that would appeal to those who knew nothing of the series, and also a strong audio/visual sensation. I was also going for something original (Train songs have never been done, Faye Valentine videos haven't really been done).

    This video is a sort of tribute to a character I never really seen done (much) in Anime Music Videos - Faye Valentine. And not the care-free, cunning, "promiscuously dressed" side of her. I mean the tragic life part of her. The really sad past that she lives with everyday, and her copings with amnesia. The video is set to Train's "Drops of Jupiter". The song is about a lady who goes on a soul-searching trip and comes back realizing that "looking for herself" wasn't as fulfilling as she thought it would be. I felt this applied indefinitely to Faye's character too, who went on a trip to find out her identity during the run of Cowboy Bebop. This video is supposed to show how she's got "hard luck" in gambling, love (Spike, etc), and just plain ol' life in general, as well as asking Faye "was it lonely looking for yourself out there?"
    The video took about a week to do, during summer vacation. It is my first endeavour into the AMV world, so I feel pleased with the results, though not over ecstatic. I wanted to convey strong emotion and feeling when watching the video, and I hope I have done so.

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