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  • Member: Cole
  • Title: Same Old Macross
  • Premiered: 2003-08-17
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    • 38 Special Same Old Feeling
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  • Comments: So I came home from vacation, all fresh and ready to get back to work on "Under the Stars", but decided to do something else first before diving back into that one. Anybody who knows me knows I'm an avid Macross Fan, and my very first AMV, aptly titled "Macross Fan", was rubbish. Oh, it was fun to do, and I do like the video, but I totally botched the compression so it looks horrible. This AMV is my redemption of sorts for that noobish entry to the org.

    This AMV centers around three couples in the Macross universe: Hikaru Ichijo/Misa Hayase, Max Jenius/Millia Farina, and Basara Nekki/Mylene Jenius (although Basara and Mylene aren't exactly a couple), and the "triangles" involving Minmay and Gamlin. The song is "Same Old Feeling" by 38 Special. I used the lyrics to suggest both "romantic feelings" the characters share and "nostalgic feelings" I have for the anime. You'll notice part-way through the video (@ 1:18) I do a little mix-em-up. Macross 7 episode 50 had a scene strangely reminiscent with SDF Macross episode 30, so I stirred the scenes together a bit. I thought it a little weird, at first, then I grew to like it, so I left it in.

    A little side note/alibi: @ 1:48 I had wanted to overlay Misa ontop of the scene with Hikaru and Minmay to emphasize the lyrics, but it looked really bad (I use free software, so I can't complain), so hopefully you can make out the meaning without that effect. The same thing at 3:12 with Max and Millia, I wanted Mylene overlayed ontop of them. I think it turned out fine there, though.

    This video was pretty fun, I put it together in about a day and a half. I even managed to get some footage in here from the PS2 game Robotech:Battlecry. That ought to piss off Harmony Gold, the biggest ass-clowns of the anime world.

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