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  • Member: mik8la
  • Title: Miroku & Sango - "Player"
  • Premiered: 2003-08-18
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    • Joe "Don't Wanna Be a Player"
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  • Comments: I think I must've broken the AMV-Makers' First Commandment by making this, and here's why: I have a grand total of only around six subtitled "Inuyasha" episodes (damn you, dial-up connection!), plus a bunch of clips I either cropped from other eps or borrowed from the multimedia section of Yakusoku to Negai . And then I broke the AMV-Makers' Second Commandment by using clips with subtitles (my eyes, my eyes, they bleed...). Oh, well. It isn't like I'm out to win any con awards or anything. But if you can somehow overlook its flaws, I think it's quite adequate for a first try. I mean, I actually tried to pay attention to timing and theme and stuff. I used a few effects, and there's even a few instances of lip syncing.

    I was always a fan of Rumiko Takahashi, but I never really got into the "Inuyasha" series until the debut of Miroku and Sango. Their dynamic was funny and strange and sad and sometimes indescribable, and it was just begging for an AMV. figures I'd make an AMV based on Miroku's sort-of POV set to a song from an album named "Booty Call".

    LIKES? The opening "glinty-smile" clip. The "Don't wanna be a player/SLAP!/Don't wanna be a player/SLAP!" opening sequence. The "I've had enough of running wild..." visual. The Miroku "Sipping Dom with the ladies all around me" sequence. All the "I'm yours/You're mine/For sure" parts of the refrain. The next-to-last refrain where the tables are turned on Miroku. The montage following that.

    DISLIKES? The subtitles. The subtitles. The _subtitles_. (I used Movie Maker Version 2 to make this, so I can't crop them out. I'd advise you to keep your eyes on the middle of the screen so that you can focus on the visuals.) That pesky DivX watermark that keeps showing up at the lower right corner at odd intervals. The less-than-stellar quality of that single clip from Episode 69.

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