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  • Member: Jashiwi
  • Studio: Glass Candy Productions
  • Title: Little Girl Utena
  • Premiered: 2003-08-16
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    • Amy Studt Just a Little Girl: Buffy the Vampire Slayer T.V. Season 7: "Get it Done"
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  • Comments: This AMV is filled to the brim with symolism, -of course this AMV is of Revolutionary Girl Utena!


    The AMV is hard to fallow if you are not a fan of Utena or seen it...-and understand it.
    (But I have had people watch it before and they got the justs of it). ^_-

    *The Song is describes the action that Utena/Anthy/Saionji must take and how innocence is taken too much over rated. .and how you have to stand for your life before you.

    And a bunch of other symbolism is crammed in there as well. ^_^

    You will notice that there is a "To Be Continued" Still shot at the end. That is intentional.
    Because this AMV: Little Girl Utena is PART 1. ^_^~!

    There is alot of fade in and fade outs that are in the AMV, just have to remember that in the beginning and ending the opening and closing clips are very soft. But All I had to do was turn up my speakers a bit and you can hear it.

    I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did making the AMV! ^_^

    Yamna Starlight Marameia
    Glass Candy Productions

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