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  • Title: The Fanel Fate
  • Premiered: 2003-08-16
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    • Era The Mass
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  • Comments: 14 hours 5 minutes to make this video.
    Includes my first rotoscoping attempt.

    This does NOT focus on hitomi. In fact, Hitomi hardly ever shows up. I hate her. She's whiney and stupid. Anyway, the story is about The Fanel family, (Varie, Van, Folken, Van's dad...) and how their fate is a hard one dealt with a steel fist by Dornkirk.

    LOTS of spoilers for the anime, and lots of deaths(espiecially in the beginning).

    This video has some flaws in it, yes, but I still like it. The effects are hardly noticable, and the video quality isn't... Perfect. But then again, Escaflowne DVDs kind of suck.
    I hope you enjoy this video, despite it's bad points. I think this is one of the only gory Escaflowne videos around. Or, at least it was when I made it, anyway. Gore in Escaflowne fascinates me for some reason....
    I also have no idea what I was thinking when I encoded this, but it is the only version I have and thus you have to deal with the playback issues. When I made this in 2003, it played on DivX player just fine, but that is not the case anymore.

    I'm not sure how to fix. I like this video though, so maybe one day I will remake it so it will synch properly (or just remake it entirely so it's better all-around).

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