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  • Member: Flint50
  • Title: Ditry Pair Flash Adrenaline Rush
  • Premiered: 2003-08-12
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    • Crystal Method THE NAME OF THE GAME
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  • Comments: Probably the fastest action video I've seen! My goal was to create a very fast action movie that has great timing. I think I did a good job.

    This video is intimidating the first time you view it, but great to watch again and again as you notice other timing sequences. It's FAST, and quite fun to watch. My best video yet.

    After 314 Movie Clips, 16 stills, 15 different efects, over 50 separate sequences and over 200 hours of precise timing, I finished my fastest video! Lots of time went into this baby, 241.5 hours to be exact (I noticed this value was wrong, so I updated it). I kept good time sheets because I knew I would be surprised at the time taken to do this video. I needed to do an intense AMV to get my name out and prove that I could do this stuff. This video is EXTREMELY fast, and you may want to watch it a few times. The only problem is epilepsy. If you have it, DON'T WATCH THIS VIDEO!! It has a lot of flashes that could cause seizures if you have this problem. And yes, I did the flashes because of the name DirtyPair "FLASH." I think this video has good timing in it, and sometimes it's hard to see just how hard I worked to get it timed correctly. Mind you, it isn't perfect. Myself being a perfectionist, I don't think it's perfect, but others have told me that it's really good. Anyways, watch this when you're in the mood for something fast, action based, and want to raise your adrenaline!

    Just a side note someone brought up to me, this does contain some suggestive themes and language. There is no nudity, but you could say it comes close. If you have any ethical values that would cause you to be offended by this video, I suggest you do not watch it. However, if you're all right with it, then by all means, watch it!

    Any opinions would be great...thank you!! Thanks to every one who helped make this video one of the crowd favorites!

    Well, I want to thank all those who seriously reviewd this video! I also want to share with you guys a little thing I've learned. This video was actualy in the top 10 for two weeks, which I was very proud of. However, not many left detailed reviews, usually just leaving a high or low score with a couple sentences. I actually got flamed for this, so I want to inform people that short reviews can actually be harmful! A few reviews were nice, and I learned a lot from them. Thanks to those few people. Last, being on top is so frustrating now after being flamed twice, I feel that being on top is not all that great. Anyways, I hope you like this video and look for my upcoming release in January!

    Right...January was the date for my next video.....heh...oops

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