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  • Member: Lostboy
  • Title: Thriller
  • Premiered: 1998-05-29
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    • Michael Jackson Thriller
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    Please take a moment to give your opinion on this video. I value the input of others. It helps maintain my sense of what fans enjoy. Thanks for viewing my work!

    - RCA ProEdit Camcorder
    - Toshiba VHS VCR

    I used my camcorder & VCR to edit this video, although I have since gone back and added a few fades with my Mac... but it's still 99% the same as it always was. Go easy on this video when criticizing it. It was made several years ago, when I was newer to making videos. Back then, competition wasn't as steep either. And did I mention this was made on a camcorder? My only computer back then was a 66 mHz Mac Performa. I was lucky to get it to print onto PAPER, much less videotape. I don't expect very good reviews for this video. I'm just putting it online to make more of my stuff available to people. Even the old, rough-looking stuff. ^_^

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