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  • Member: J.Alana
  • Studio: J&P Productions
  • Title: Gohan-Pour Some Sugar On Me
  • Premiered: 2003-08-12
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    • Def Leppard Pour Some Sugar On Me
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  • Comments: This was a vid that was stuck in my "pending" file for about a year. On and off I worked on it because my favorite song of all time is Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Lappard.

    I was always disappointed though when I tried to work on this video because I couldn't seem to get it to flow just right. Well about two days ago, I was listening to winamp and had my usual selection of songs in the playlist when "Pour Some Sugar On Me" came on the playlist a mental picture began to form in my head of exactly how I wanted the vid to go.

    The first time I attempted this vid was a year and a half ago, back then I didn't have as many skills as I have acquired now. So two days I sat down to try to do the vid...and nothing! Zap! Idea was gone! So instead I worked on my Inuyasha vid. (it will premiere soon.) Well when moviemaker and Adobe were "uncooperative" (I'm sure many of you know what happens when Adobe and Moviemaker are uncooperative.) I put the Inuyasha project on the side and turned on winamp. This time....the right muse stuck and the ideas were on fire.

    I went back and forth through a lot of the original scenes and added some new ones I hadn't thought of and the end result is this video. I also attempted more with the special efffects in this vid for added effect. Mostly light tricks and zooming. The vid was finally completed and saved and I have to say I was happy about the end result.

    What is this vid about?

    This vid is about my favorite DBZ character Gohan. More so, this vid deals with Gohan as a young adult beating up Broily, tackling Hildegarn, knocking around Freiza and of course kicking the ever loving stuffing out of Majin Buu. In between all of this though, he still has time for his Videl. Awe, what a guy! So, sit back and relax with Gohan with a great tune by Def Leppard I have a wierd sense of humor so in some scenes you will see subs (egads! Not subs.) So to coincide with my wierd sense of humor I made the subs work to my advantage. Don't worry not many subs like three or four at the most. I also wanted the ending to be kind of a cute happy ending. So I didn't go for the typical hero macho shot, instead I went for a more lighthearted approach.

    Gohan-Pour Some Sugar on Me.

    See ya on the next vid


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