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  • Member: TFO-Kun
  • Studio: Studio-Pink
  • Title: Your Best Shot
  • Premiered: 2001-09-21
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    • Pat Benetar Hit Me With Your Best Shot
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  • Comments: Yeah another Trigun action vid, now suffer! Muhahahaha!

    *Ahem* Anyway, the whole point of the AMV was to make Vash as serious as possible. Anyone who actually paid attention to the series, know that all they can remember is that Vash is a silly guy. That all of his serious actions lasts on average 5-8 minutes in most of the episodes.

    Now before you bite my head off that he is plenty serious, I already knew that. But I wanted to retain "some" air of suprise for the people who haven't seen the series yet. I just wanted to make him look good, while keeping some serious stuff a suprise =p

    If you are wondering how I did this video; DVD drive & Premire, simple eh? Anyway I tried as hard as I can to not include an overdose of lip-syncing (fun). I think my best work was in the overlays and the timing on some of the scenes, but that my opinion ^_^;. Another thing I should mention, I made a cheesy attempt at making Vash seem like he went inside to outside to in to out, play the video a couple of time and see what I mean.

    Personally, I made this to remind me how cool and serious Vash is really is. That wearing a flowing red coat and carrying a big gun just tells you that he means business. Not to mention those shades and hair style add to that superior gunman look. Yep, I'm hopeless sometimes ^_^;

    Don't complain to me why I didn't include Wolfwood at all, I like the guy as much as the person who is going to complain about that. But I have another idea for the minister in black. Patience.

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