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  • Member: aftwister
  • Studio: Twister Style
  • Title: Overcoming the Odds
  • Premiered: 2003-08-09
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  • Song:
    • Linkin Park In The End
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  • Comments: BACKGROUND

    This anime music video is basically the same as a movie trailer for the YuYu Hakusho Movie because that's the only anime included. The song follows the lyrics all the way through and the melody goes very well with the action scenes. For the most part the video is fast with the exception of some slower scenes to calm it down it between.

    On A More Personal Note

    I've made tons of other anime music videos, none of which I've downloaded or plan to, but I haven't made a new video for a little while. With ideas flowing all around my head and blueprints already designed out, I didn't feel compelled to go through with the process. Normally I would never post a Linkin Park vid just because so many people do, I try to be more creative than that. However I felt that I had to release something now and I didn't have much muse to help me do something different, I decided that if I can't make my own new video I'll try to make an idea better.

    After making this vid it also reassured me that I could make a decent amv, I was having some doubt for a little while, and there's no reason why I can go back to another idea and work with it some more, I lost alot of hope in trying to figure those ideas out as well. So basically this video was made more for me than something for the public, however I took it into consideration and felt like sharing.

    Even though I made this video a while ago, I still considerate one of my favorites because I think that it conveys a sense of uncertainty but still passion for life, something that I know I've experienced numerous times.

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