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  • Member: DarkSchneider
  • Title: We could be Heroes - A Tribute to Alex and Luna -REMASTERED-
  • Premiered: 2003-08-08
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    • Wallflowers Heroes
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  • Comments: Well, the time is coming at last. I actually am gonna submit some videos to a nearby con that will take place in november. And I remade a video to boot for this con. This is but one video.
    Sure, I remade this one, but it also gave me the opportunity to change it around a little, though I only made 2 or three small changes. Here's a list of the changes I made:

    Change #1 - In the previous version of the video, I recieved some feedback about the stretched out Blue star transitioning into a normal sized , that's because before the cutscene goes full screen, it shows the title then goes full screen(Owners of the PSX version know what I'm talking about), so I exported a scene from just before so that the title wouldn't show - specifically 0:35 to 0:37

    Change #2 - 0:44 to 0:48 - Simply used another Luna scene. Figured that would work far better or something. Eh...well movin on....

    Change #3 - 1:26 to 1:35 - Timing during this part was off in the previous version, so corrected the timing, plus slowed it around the part when the water ripple effect began

    Change #4 - 2:27 to 2:35 - Replaced the old scene with a scene from one of the ending movies, namely the first end game cutscene. Just fitted with the "and we though nothing could fall" part. This was even pointed out on an opinion.

    Change #5 - 3:13 to 3:21 - Didn't bother to speed up the video to try and create that swooping effect, cause it was fine just as was. Also pointed out.

    As for quality, I think it improved a little, I took a look at the previous version and compared it with the new. Though it's not a really big improvement, it might look pretty much the same(in other words, the improvement wasn't very noticeable at first). But what can ya do? I did the best I could with my little knowledge of video quality and other such.
    All in all, with these little changes made, I'm much happier with this now. But if I could I'd replace the previous version, but who knows, there might be other people who wanna download and compare or something. Anyways, enjoy this video, and cheer for it at Nekocon when it plays there.

    Conventions Premiered at:
    Nekocon 6(Nov. 7-9, 2003)
    Katsucon 10(Feb. 13-15, 2004)

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