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  • Member: Sierra Lorna
  • Studio: Premonition Studios
  • Title: Rainbow
  • Premiered: 2003-08-07
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  • Song:
    • Ayumi Hamasaki Rainbow
  • Anime:
  • Comments: My 10th completed video.
    Time Spent: About 3 months
    Programs Used: Adobe Premiere 6.0, Adobe Photoshop 5.0, Virtualdub

    I had several inspirations to do this video. The main one came from just by listening to the song and wanting to create a video to it. At the time, I was struggling to find ideas to make an Oh My Goddess AMV. (I'd already tried 2 different ideas for this anime, but they simply didn't turn out, so I'm glad I finally managed to finish this one.)

    The video's mostly about Belldandy expressing her love to Keichii, and how he made her happy--other than that, I'd call it just your typical sappy AMG romance ;). I put a lot of development in the video, and I put a lot more effort into it as it gets nearer to the end, mostly because the song develops as it went along, which allowed me to do more with the video.

    I went effects-crazy in this video. I guess I owe part of that to Koopiskeva's "Euphoria" video, which inspired me very much to do something more visually-oriented like he did. I didn't really know how to put that into my video until I saw the CD cover for Ayumi Hamasaki's "Rainbow" album. (You can see it at her official fan site here.)
    I wanted to create that same effect by tinting the scenes blue and adding rainbow-coloured effects overtop, as a sort of overlay. This was the basic idea for the effects throughout most of the video, until at the end, when I suddenly switched to full colour and lip-syncing instead.

    I used Photoshop mostly to create the rainbow effects, and also at some parts to digitally change some scenes, like digitally closing Belldandy's mouth, and to enhance some lip syncing.

    The song is in Japanese. I actually did a lot of lyric syncing in the video, so I finally decided to put up the subtitled version. The English subtitles in the video were from Ayumi Hamasaki's official fan site, Divine Ayu, but were edited a little bit by me.

    The Romanji lyrics:

    La, la, la...

    Doko kara ka yasashiku hibiku
    Itsu datte kikoeteta you na
    Sugu soba ni atta tsumori

    Yurusu koto de yurusareteta
    Haruka mou tooi kako mo
    Iyasu tsumori ga iyasareteta
    Ki ga tsukeba sonna fuu ni
    Ai wo toozakeyou to shita boku wa ai ni sukuwarete ita

    Doko kara ka kimi wa mai ori
    Itsu datte tsutaete kureru
    Sugu soba ni aru shiwase wo

    Sasaenagara sasaerarete
    Sukoshi zutsu yorisotte
    Mamori nagara mamorarete wa
    Kakushin he kawatteku
    Ai wo toozake you to shita boku wa ai ni sukuwareta n da

    Norikoerare sou ni nai itami naraba
    Tomo ni wakeai aruite ikou ka
    Kakekirenu hodo ni yorokobi wo mochiyori
    Tomo ni wakeai aruite ikou ka

    Ima wa kimi dake no tame ni utaou
    Ima wa kimi dake no tame ni utaou
    Taisetsu na boku no takaramono yo
    Taisetsu na boku no takaramono yo

    La, la, laÖ

    No rain, canít get the rainbow
    No rain, canít get the rainbow

    Technical stuff:
    Format: .avi
    Video Codec: XviD (DivX compatible)
    Audio Codec: Lame mp3
    Resolution: 480 x 320
    Duration: 05:47
    File Size: 79.8 MB

    Please enjoy. ^_^

    Update March 9, 2004: Subtitled version up on Local download instead of non-subtitled version.

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