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  • Member: J.Alana
  • Studio: J&P Productions
  • Title: DBZ does the Macarena?
  • Premiered: 2002-11-29
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  • Song:
    • Los Del Rios The Macarena
  • Anime:
  • Comments: You heard that right. Yes, I actually did a music video to the Macarena but then this should not be a surprise given to some of the songs that have been used for music videos. First up I have to tell you THIS IS ONE STUPID VID! Despite the fact I made it, yes, I have to tell very stupid vid! lol.

    Okay here's the story on this one. One night I was having my friends over for dinner. The topic of my vids came up and two of my friends were interested to see how it was done. So proudly I showed them a few of the vids that I have done. One of my friends wanted me to do a vid right then and there. Since I had consumed quite a bit of alchohol I decided "ah, what the hell." My friend's husband, a practical joker, picked the song "The Macarena." After about five hours of solid editing (and drinking) the end result was DBZ does the Macarena. WARNING: DO NOT MAKE VIDS WHILE INTOXICATED.

    Now first up, when I did this vid I was not going for quality issues, performance, timing or what have you and I never meant to show this vid to the general public. In fact, I affectionately dubbed it part of my "Lame Ass Vids." and put it in a file Pac and me have named "The Lame Ass vids." ( Vids that we would never ever show except to each other. Recently, we did a compilation vid of the Lame Ass Vids only available on MX, Kazaa and IRC.) Well when I accidentally showed it to Kakalotto, he showed to everyone on Kazaa and then people were asking for me for it! It was also requested that I put it on here. Little tidbit for you, this is the only one of the Lame Vids that came out of the Lame Ass file and into general rotation on Winmx, Kazaa and IRC and in fact is part of the top ten download list that Pac and me have. Strange? Maybe.

    Keep this in mind, I know that I used a few bad clips but remember this was supposed to be a spoof. You might also wonder why I picked on the fusion dance so much in this video. Think about it. Doesn't the fusion dance look like something your middle aged uncle and aunt would do at a wedding after consuming large amounts of alcohol?

    The characters I picked on in this video: Everyone with the exception of Vegeta. (Pac would have kiled me for that one!) Of course, poor Gohan gets the brunt of it saying in the beginning "" For extra effect, I made Goku utter a comment at the end of the video that some people might have uttered after seeing it .

    It's good for a laugh but truly, one TERRIBLE vid! So enjoy it or hate it, your call. For both Mac and PC users I have made this into MPEG form. So even if you want, you can watch this on a DVD player. Its funny as hell on a big screen tv.

    If anything, this vid proves that it's okay not to take yourself too seriously. ;)

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