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  • Member: rurouni_mimo
  • Studio: Istiv Studio
  • Title: Beautiful Death
  • Premiered: 2003-08-05
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    • Muse Muscle Museum
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  • Comments: IMPORTANT NOTE : The video is encode with the xvid codec so you'll need it to view the vid, If you have strange effetcs of shaking or strange blocks, you probably need to download a more recent built. [it's also possible that there are probleme with ffdshow so if you use it juste disable the xvid decode]

    Here we go.
    First of all I like to say that I really loved working on that amv, and I'm quite happy with the result.

    There are many spoilers on this amv.. so if you havn't see Noir (and want to see it) just don't download this amv^^

    Well, let's talk a bit about the song. I choose to use that song cause I really like Muse and I tough that the music of this song really match the anime. The lyrics aren't totally related to Noir, but aren't unapropriate, and there isn't much lyrics on this song so that's not really a problem.
    The encode isn't perfect, but not so bad, I havn't the original DVD but only some rip of the DVD Z2 jap, but the rip are different on each episode, and the quality isn't the same. Noir is a recent anime but not recent enough for finding easily different raws for choosing the best ones. As a result the final encode isn't perfect, but I've tied to clean it the best I could.

    For the scene choice and the synch I choose to do a (more or less) chronological amv, I tough that it was the best way for doing an amv with a logic in it (for people that had already saw Noir).
    I've synch the gun sound with the music on certain scenes and not on others, cause I didn't want to add a regular effect all long (that would have been boring I guess).
    I've also added a lot of flash back scenes to create a nostalgic effect and because there are important on this anime.
    I've played a lot with the watch (I don't know the exact word in english for that type of watch) of noir, and it appears during all the amv, it's the element that synch the scene between each other and give a logic in this amv.

    Well I guess that's it, I could I've continu to explain things, but I let you discover by yourselves.

    Hope you'll enjoy it :)

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