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  • Member: SQ
  • Title: Class Proj. #1
  • Premiered: 2003-01-18
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    • All American Rejects Swing, Swing
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  • Comments: No name fo rhtis one.

    Well, Video Productions Class, and me and another editor were bored so we created a pointless action/humor Sonic AMV.

    It turned out pretty good.

    Too bad when I recorded it to VHS, it didn't work too well, then I deleted the project, and BAM! No more history of Sonic AMV. =\

    Oh well, We DID get temporary fame for it, because it showed up on the Walton News. (Damn walton -shakes fist- They didn't ask our permission first!)

    Just so you know, the other editor is not a member of the org, so I'm not giving him any credit. =\
    His website though is I am pretty sure.

    -All American Rejects were NOT popular when we made this video!
    We were lying around, bored, with nothign to do, and the only music I could find(we wanted to make an AMV, but had no CDs to use) was a demo disc for "Swing, Swing"
    So we used that.
    - Walton News put this video up twice during the credits. Once when the video was incomplete(no editing was done, we had only thrown in scenes) because they didn't know it wasn't finished(Shows how good of editors THEY are!) and again when it was finished.
    - Dan(the other editor) officially HATES this song now. Afterall, we DID end up listening to it atleast 1000 times during the process of editing.
    -We edited this video with a Casablanca AVIO. THE worst editor on the PLANET. That's probably why this video looked like a noob did it(Despite the good video wuality!)

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