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  • Member: BishounenStalker
  • Studio: Tornado Studios
  • Title: What God Has Sent (Final Cut!)
  • Premiered: 2003-08-02
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    • Savatage This Isn't What We Meant
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  • Comments: Warning to those deprived souls who have not yet played all of Final Fantasy 7: this video is Spoiler Hell

    I'm a dedicated fool. I think that's painfully obvious.

    This is what you could call the RE-remaster of my first legitimate AMV. Why on earth would I do yet another export of it? Because I'm that damn proud of it. Enough to go back and fix the one glaring technical flaw that I didn't have the 1337 |0r3/\/\!3r3 5k!11z to tackle in the previous remaster: cropping out the black bars without screwing up the aspect ratio. Through a bit of tinkering I managed to pull it off, and here it is, in all its fullscreen glory...::insert cheesy movie trailer voice::....As it was meant to be seen!

    For your enjoyment, the original video description:

    This is my first serious AMV, after getting to know Adobe Premiere 6, and one that I'm extremely proud of. Final Fantasy 7 was an absolutely gorgeous game, with the deepest plot I have yet to see cranked out of any other RPG on the PlayStation. But sadly, I don't see many anime music videos done for such an awesome work of art. I believe it's because FF7's graphics seem rather dated when held up against the likes of FFX, but in truth that shouldn't matter. So I decided to go out on a limb and do my own tribute.

    The song I picked is one that I actually heard in VicBond007's famous Evangelion video, and I liked it so much I actually did run out and buy the CD (Savatage "Dead Winter Dead." $10 at Best Buy, it's worth it). The greatest challenge for me was going along with the lyrics, and figuring out what to do with each sound. Two of the picture flashes near the middle of the song are fan art I made specifically for this video. One thing I did NOT want to do above all else was use the same clips for the beginning and end that everyone else would. Considering I had maybe 30 minutes of footage to work with tops, it was no easy task.

    My aim in this AMV was capturing the emotion of the game, and I think accomplished it. I'm very proud of this work, and I hope you enjoy it as well.

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