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  • Member: Beowulf
  • Studio: Hype-Odermic Studios
  • Title: NES Project Track 30 (300%)
  • Premiered: 2003-08-01
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    • DJ Pretzel Amen Reflux
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  • Comments: This is my video (Track 30) for the 2003 Nintendo Project.

    I chose a Contra remix song with a techno beat tempo of about 150 miles per hour so the pace is breakneck at a minimum. This video was the most fun I've had editing since NBK and I think it shows. Its campy, fast, fun, and action filled. Every single tacky effect is used. It was really a theraputic experience for me, honestly. For the last 7 months I have been editing slow, serious dramatic videos and I was completely burned out on the editing style that requires. I got so tired of relying on qualities not inherint in the imagery for entertainment. Knowledge of the anime, appreciation of the song, aggrement of my political views, etcetera. I let loose with this video.

    It took me roughly 2 weeks and about 40 hours. This is the fastest I've ever made a video. Not due to some creative surge but rather deadlines, and tonge lashings from Fluxmeister, the Director of the project :P.

    As for the actual video itself, I think its hillarious :P. The cheesiness is so thick you could cut it with a knife. My original concept was Angel Cop, but I got generaly discouraged with the overall "ass" quality the footage has. Even though it fits Contra too a T, there are only about 45 seconds worth of platinum footage, all of which is violent beyond beleif. So violent in fact, that it would have been cut from the NES Project. So with Angel Cop nixed, I decided Trigun would work due to its constant gunfire and Vash's funny facial expressions :P.

    I named the video "300%" because all Contra footage, without exception, is at 300% speed, while the Trigun footage is at a standard 250% :P.

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