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  • Member: himemiya
  • Studio: Shapeshifter Studios
  • Title: Deluge
  • Premiered: 2003-08-01
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    • Evanescence Going Under
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  • Comments: (Updated January 19, 2005: Changed links to reflect new hosting and new studio, Solunar.)

    (Updated September 30, 2004: Featured at AWA 10's AMV Panel by MeriC. Thank you very much!)

    (Updated July 14, 2004: Changed first mirror URL)

    (Updated March 17, 2004: Added a new mirror at since's bandwidth keeps dying.. ^^;)

    (Updated November 30, 2003: "Deluge" won third place in Drama at AnimeUSA 2003)

    This is my very first video, so please be gentle with it if you would please like to take your time to graciously give me an opinion.. ^-^

    After I helped Tenjou with "Roseate Nocturne", I decided that I was ready to try creating a video on my own.. ^-^ As the both of us were driving in her car one evening, I came up with the idea of setting another Utena video to Evanescence.. (This was far before Evanescence gained their level of popularity, by the way.. ^^;)

    So I suggested that I would like to create a "hybrid" music video, using footage from both the Utena series and movie.. Tenjou scoffed at me and said it could not be done.. Do I sense a challenge, now?.. ^_~

    The song, "Going Under" evoked a sense of sublime water imagery for me -- months before the official Evanescence video was released, as well.. So I decided to use water as a major symbol in the video, almost as a character unto itself.. At first as an agent of drowning, suffocating all sense of Self-Worth.. But then as a gentle element of nourishment and growing beyond adolescent matters..

    Of course, this video focuses on Utena and Anthy's relationships to their dead princes and literally breaking free of them under their own will, finally achieving solace within themselves and with each other.. I could continue to rant on my thoughts about this concept, but I shall spare you.. ^_^

    The instrumental to the opening sequence is "Tears of the Ocean" by Keiko Matsui.. and in all, it spanned the duration of over a month to complete it from ripping to encoding.. Adobe Premiere 6.5 was utilized on this project..

    My endless gratitude goes to Tenjou, who helped me with making heads and tails out of the audio/visual techniques, support, and general help and inspiration.. ^^

    Here is an outline of how the song is divided for each character in the storyline..

    INTRODUCTION (Utena and Anthy with Dios)
    Now I will tell you
    What I've done for you
    Fifty thousand tears i've cried
    Screaming deceiving and bleeding for you
    And you still won't hear me
    Going under...

    Don't want your hand this time
    I'll save myself
    Maybe I'll wake up for once
    Not tormented daily defeated by you
    Just when I
    Thought I'd reached the bottom
    I'm... dying again

    I'm going under
    Drowning in you
    I'm falling forever
    I've got to break through
    I'm going under

    Blurring and stirring the truth and the lies
    So I don't know what's real and what's not
    Always confusing the thoughts in my head
    So i can't trust myself anymore
    I'm... dying again

    I'm going under
    Drowning in you
    I'm falling forever
    I've got to break through
    I'm going under

    So go on and scream
    Scream at me, I'm so far away
    I won't be broken again
    I've got to breathe
    I can't keep going under

    I'm... dying again
    I'm going under
    Drowning in you
    I'm falling forever
    I've got to break through
    I'm going under
    Going under
    I'm going under

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