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  • Member: Andymion
  • Studio: Andymion's Studio
  • Title: BYOOKI
  • Premiered: 2003-07-30
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  • Song:
    • Disturbed Down With The Sickness (Edited)
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  • Comments: NEW COMMENT ADDED 07/25/2005

    Video number five...

    I can't remember where I got this idea. Ordinarily, I wouldn't have even listened to Disturbed, and I probably wouldn't have ever drawn a parallel to the A!MG movie... but I did.

    What I do remember was that as I nurtured the idea, it came to me to do my best to follow the beat as much as possible. "Down With the Sickness" is very stacatto in style, so it was my reasoning that the video should be quick and flashy, preferably in time with the music.

    When I first sat down to begin the task, I was faced with a new challenge: Frame control. Of course, you can't just assume a beat to be so many frames... the number of frames and the timing of them probably will not line up with the music very often, if at all. So... I played brief snippets of the song, listening for the clear deffinition of the next beat. Simple to do, but extremely time consuming. I tried to learn how to make a click track, but couldn't figure it out. So, I did it the hard way.

    The first eight pictures of this video was all that had been done to the video for months. I had sat down to start making the video, and the idea just kinda died. One day, I looked at it again and started playing with it some more. Before I knew it, I'd spent almost three months working on this video, for hours a day. I worked on it so much, friends began asking me what I'd added to the video on a quasi-daily basis.

    The concept behind the video is simple: Celestine made Belldandy sick. The title is japanese for sickness or malady. Some would say that watching this video makes them sick. lol

    I've gained most of the skills I use now through making this video. Even if no one likes it, I've gained much knowledge from this one.

    C&C is welcome and appreciated.

    (Studio Nekosan)

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