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  • Member: Qyot27
  • Studio: ASI Digital Chaos Studios
  • Title: The Nights Will See Them Through (The Dreamscape, Part 5)
  • Premiered: 2003-07-28
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    • Peter Murphy All Night Long
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  • Comments: A sentimental video, my first edited in Premiere, and one that will probably show up at a con sometime in the near future (update: I did enter this video into Megacon 2004's contest, but it didn't win). I have finished remastering it, with a couple of minor differences from the original preliminary file (one scene is different, and some of the effects look a little bit crisper and altered themselves a bit). Aside from that maybe 1% difference, the video is exactly as it was before.

    As a point of reference, the original file took more than a month to plan, edit, and finalize. This remaster took five or six days to recompile from the original.

    In any case, I'm going to provide some background here. Peter Murphy is not very well known for his solo career, except for three singles: "Cuts You Up", which was a hit on the Modern Rock charts in 1990, "I'll Fall With Your Knife", which was featured in a Will Friedle/Jennifer Love Hewitt movie, and this song, which is from the album preceding the one featuring "Cuts You Up". This was actually a minor hit in America, but still not many people have heard about it. Actually, Peter Murphy is best known because he was the lead singer for the goth rock band Bauhaus. Practically all of Peter Murphy's solo material is happier than Bauhaus' music was, continually shifting to more world music/AOR-ish material instead, along the lines of Peter Gabriel or Kate Bush. The version of the song I have here is from his greatest hits album, so it's about a minute shorter than the one featured on the album it first appeared on.

    Alright, to the real meat of the video. It's really simple, actually. I wanted to show the progression of Kei and Mizuho's feelings for each other throughout the series, beginning with the calm night that he first encounters her, moving onto their living together, and finally to not wanting to part.

    For some strange reason, people commonly seem to get the idea that I'm trying to match the snapping of the characters during the chorus to the snare drum beats. I'm not synching that. I'm synching the synth blasts mixed with the snares.

    As another side note, this is the translation of the song's bridge, which is spoken in French:
    A rose that played its role
    My mirror, my key of gold, my horse, and my glove
    Are the five secrets of my power
    If you put this glove on your right hand
    It will take you where you want to be"
    (The passage is a sample from the movie "La Belle et la Bete," a 1946 film by Jean Cocteau.)

    (I found this information at

    I would appreciate feedback on this video. So please, leave an opinion.

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