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  • Member: SSJVegita0609
  • Studio: Blood Sugar Productions
  • Title: Scars of Rememberance
  • Premiered: 2003-07-26
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  • Song:
    • Disturbed Remember
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    I suppose you could call this vid my semi-masterpeice. I've been planning on making it since I first heard this song several months ago. I coupled it with my favorite anime in my head and found myself actually producing a video in my mind as I listened to it. The lyrics fit the emotion and plotline of Berserk almost perfectly.

    I was attempting to do two seperate original things here in this video. The first was create a Berserk video that focused on the heavy emotion and character interaction/developement in the series and was NOT just another hard-rock video of Gats killing endless hordes of people. I did still select action as a catagory because a huge part of the emotion and drama in Berserk comes from the violence. So having a Berserk video deviod of violence would not allow me to fulfill this video's intended purpose, which was to create a synopsis of the emotion in the series. I wanted to show everything that the anime really is, love, pain, happiness, sadness, fear, and hope. I'm not afraid to say that I'm satisfied with the job I did content wise. The other original thing I was attempting was faster paced drama, a video that manages to have plenty of emotional substance, but still proves to be interesting in editing and, for lack of a better word, exciting to watch. Neither one of these two things is completely original, I have seen them done before, just not all that much.

    On to the actual substance of the video. I wanted to produce something that would bring tears to the eyes of any Berserk fans who watched it. I wanted to show everything that makes the series so memorable. I attempt to do so in a dream like sequence of flashbacks and bits and peices of Gats after the eclipse. Look for lyric sync throughout much of the video. I start off with Gats teenage years, with a rather fast pace. Once the lyrics pick up I got into a mix of the entire story. I slow the pace to match the lyrics, but keep some face paced drum fill peices in there every now and then. I also tryed some new editing techniques I've never done before, some new effects (like the spiral you'll see), and some interesting encoding tricks I've picked up. I think you'll find the quality fairly impressive considering the vid is 4:12 long and only 45 megs.

    It really fits into multiple catagories because it does show all of the different emotions present in Berserk. There are romantic parts of this video, there are horrofic parts of this video. There are parts that are happy, and parts that are terribly sad. All in all this baby took me a good 85 hours to rip, edit, and encode. I think it paid off and I sure hope you do to. Enjoy.


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