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  • Member: AbaddonAMV
  • Studio: Abaddon Studios
  • Title: The Naruto Limerick File
  • Premiered: 2003-07-26
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    • Beastie Boys The Negotiation Limerick File
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  • Comments: 1st runner up in Action @ Animefest 2003
    *update* No longer the #1 most underrated video on the org. It was kind of fun but thanks for all the great feedback!

    Wow, it's been awhile since I've released a video. I've been very busy / unmotivated as of late, but I finally managed to get myself off of my lazy ass and make another vid. Partially this was thanks to my enjoyment of Naruto, which is the best anime I have had the pleasure of watching in quite awhile. I was happy when I thought of this anime / song combination because I had been wanting to do a vid with a new anime for awhile.
    Like most of my vids, you will find the emphasis is on lyric matching more than anything else. Some of the lyric matches are obvious, some you have to think about a little bit. As with all of my vids, for pretty much all of scenes you have to have seen the series to understand the lyric match, as it is not usually something obvious from the vid itself but more about what is going on in the series at that point. That being said, almost every line of lyrics is matched. Really I didn't set out to make an action or comedy vid, I just matched the lyrics and observed what came out. This one turned out to be primarily an action vid, although it has some comedic elements. This vid took me about 5 weeks to finish using Premiere and Photoshop, with days of working on it hard all day followed by little breaks.
    This video was supposed to be premiered at Animefest in DFW at the end of August 2003, however I got impatient so I'm putting it out about a month ahead of time.

    If you are having trouble watching the vid make sure you have the Xvid codec. If it's choppy or lagged your computer may be too slow, you can contact me and I may be able to get you an mpeg version. I've provided an indirect link to my web site but you can only download the video from the local server here for now, sorry.


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