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  • Member: Bebop0083
  • Studio: Donut Hole productons
  • Title: The Easy Way Isn't Always Easy
  • Premiered: 2004-01-16
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    • Midtown The Easy Way Out
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  • Comments: This video is about when anime characters have no where else to go but to head their enemies head on or think there is no way out but to head them but could of thought of a better plan to beat them.

    About spoilers:

    The only real spoilers that are probably in the vid are FLCL, Blue Gender, Outlaw Star and Yu Yu Hakusho. If you havent seen the final rounds of the Dark Tournament from YYH then i wouldnt recommend seeing this vid until you do but the spoilers for that arnt that bad except for Kuwabara's fight.

    About anime choices:

    Animatrix: I choosed eps 4 and 5. I used eps 4 to show the kid escape from fantasy to go to into the real world. I was originaly going to use more scenes from that eps but I had to cut back. Eps 5 I used to show that love can betray and some times you might have to fight your loved ones in battle as well.

    Blue Gender: Even parnters can be put against each other. Yuji wanted to proove he was better but the B cells in him turn him close away from being a human so Marleene has to show him the way or to kill him.

    Cowboy Bebop: Rivalry can some times get in the way of old friendships especialy when it comes to a woman.

    Dragon Ball Z: I decided to choose the Bardock special. Sometimes you have no allies to help you or your allies turn back on you in your time of need which does happen to Bardock since his fellow Saiyans decide not to believe him of Freeza's assualt so he heads him head on alone.

    FLCL: Some times you may have to fight the unlikely hero to get to your goals.

    Outlaw Star: Gene has come all the way to the Galactic Leyline he plans to defeat Hasanko at any cost. Hasanko wantst to rule the universe with his new power. Basicaly your common enemy struggle story line.

    Trigun: Brotherly fights are common in households. I only choose one scene in particular in Trigun to use since there was only a couple of tiny scenes of them fighting as younger children.

    Yu Yu Hakusho: I choose eps 1 as to kind of start my video off with Yusuke's accident. The other scenes I use are stuff from the Dark Tournament arc. Some of Bui with Toguro history is explained but its a short sequence. Kuwabara's fight with Elder Toguro shows that no matter how stong the enmey even the weaker fighters can prevale. Kurama vs Karasu's fight shows that some times the only way out could be death. I didnt get to show much of that fight as much as I wanted to. Bui vs Hiei shows that some time weak fighters always stay weak.

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