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  • Member: ReannaKing
  • Studio: Rtrbrtr Productions
  • Title: Leave Me Alone, Techno!
  • Premiered: 2003-07-28
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    • Depeche Mode Master And Servant
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  • Comments: This video has to be one of my favorites to watch when I'm feeling naughty. I love the anime "Don't Leave Me Alone Daisy," and this video is next in my "anime that no one's ever heard of" series of AMV's.
    I'm aware that Scott Meltzer (who rocks) has done an AMV to this same song to a much more famous anime that shall remain unnamed. I love this video. I have seen it. It has wonderful timing and stuff. Actually I first heard this song in English 110. No joke. (Thanks Dr. Jones!)

    In case anybody decides to download this AMV on a whim, here's a summary of the series: Techno has been shut up in a nuclear shelter/science lab since he was a young boy because he's very smart, but not very wise (hence a Dexter-ish destructive ability). One day he sees a girl named Hitomi on his monitor and, not knowing how a real relationship is supposed to work, decides to make her his, by any means necessary.

    Here's where we get to this video. This video is about the almost perverted way Techno tries to win over Hitomi. Perhaps "she blinded me with science" would have been a more logical song choice but... what can I say? I'm weird like that.

    I just hope eventually I get to make another video that makes me feel as deliciously evil as I did while making this one.

    Oh... I hope I didn't get too carried away... I'll be honest with myself. There will probably only ever be a handful of people that will see this video, all of them being my close friends (at least until they've seen the video).
    There's a lot of GREAT timing in this video-- I worked really hard on it because... hey, if I couldn't get this crazy video to look really good, no one would like it at all. :p

    timing of the clips to "like life" at :14
    the case coming down over Daisy as the music starts at :15
    Techno's "title of ownership" of Daisy to "forget all about equality" at 1:11
    Daisy's forced dance to the music at 1:21
    Daisy and X clips to "if you despise that throwaway feeling from disposable fun" at 1:31
    Techno's "in bed or in life, they're all just the same" lip sync at 1:52
    Hands grabbing at Daisy fastened to the wall to "come on..." at 2:24
    the repeated "it's a lot" sequence, especially the clips at 2:33, 2:37, 2:38, 2:41 and 2:45
    Techno's "at that's what's appealing" lip sync at 2:56
    Daisy shoving Techno out of her room as the music picks up at 3:11
    Daisy being pulled into the hole by the mechanical arms as the music ends at 3:37 (besides the fact that it works well, I love that clip!)


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