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  • Member: Anamorphic Productions
  • Studio: Anamorphic Productions
  • Title: Tribute To Heroes
  • Premiered: 2002-05-25
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    • Chad Kroeger and Josey Scott Hero
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  • Comments: My first vid...

    Ok. It's NOT as bad as a lot of "first vids" out there. I actually don't even hate this, and decided to put it up for anyone who's curious.

    I learned how to use premiere on this piece, so there's a hundred things I'd like to fix, but all in all I figure It's a fun, "these are the heroes" type of vid.

    The quality is VERY bleh, since it's been recompressed to 8 megs, and I can't find the larger version right now. No subtitles, thankfully, and I ADORE the last 40 seonds or so of this, I love the constant motion.

    The song is cliche, and I think I like that fact. The scary thing, I think this is one of the BETTER "GW HERO (The song not the theme)" videos out there.

    Theres a bit of stalling in the first sequence of Heero running, and theres an audio glitch a bit after that, but if you want to DL, feel free.

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