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  • Member: BigDude
  • Studio: Panzer Supreme Studios
  • Title: Immune
  • Premiered: 2003-07-25
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  • Song:
    • In Flames Man Made God
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  • Comments: Well this was a nice simple video to do. Turned out quite good too.
    I spent about 4 days on this one... pretty much non-stop too 'cept when other people needed the computer and sleep, yes I actually sleep. :P I used Adobe Premiere in this one... this would be my first video I released that I did in premiere.

    It started out as a video about Zidane and Kuja in their struggles through out the game but I quikly realized there is not enough fotage in the game with Zidane and Kuja to fill up 4min. So I went and through in some Bahamut and Garnet/Dagger and some air ship scenes to all fit in quilte nicly if I do say myself. :)

    Hope you enjoy the video! :)
    Comments are always welcom. ;)

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