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  • Member: AnjiruOfDeathDerebu
  • Title: "The Strength Of The Heart"
  • Premiered: 2003-07-23
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    • Enigma Gravity of Love
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    This is a Sailor Moon Stars video that is all about the first six episodes involveing the Evil Queen Nehelenia. Yes, thats right, it has a plot lol and a damn good one I think. Nehelenia is freed from her prison, and takes revenge on Sailor Moon and everyone she loves. But despite even Mamoru and Chibi Usa being taken away from her Sailor Moon never planned on hurting Nehelnia. So instead of killing her off, she heals her soul and takes her back to when she was a child so that she can live again, with people and not be alone. Very nice ^_^ Well the video I think is my best so far. Sorry about the small size and everything, my website is cheap, what can I say?

    The Local download is a divx 5.0 file so I guess you'll need the divx plug in to view it. You can get it at their website,

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